The Importance of Respite

About Us: The Importance of Respite

The most essential program at Red Roof Retreat is Respite Care.

leftNEWWhy is this program so important?
Since the mid-1990’s, there has been an increasing reliance on home-based care provided by family members and other primary caregivers for children and adults with special needs. As a result, the demand for respite care has been rising steadily.

Respite is the ability to provide temporary out-of-home care; giving caregivers/family members a break from their 24/7 care-giving duties. Without a break or support, caregivers may struggle and this can result in emotional, social, physical or financial stresses that can affect how they function within their family and in their jobs and community.

In an early study published by the Canadian Association for Community Living, it was concluded that “managed home-care is indisputably more cost effective than keeping a child in a hospital or institution” and recommended that government programs “improve access to respite care” for families.

Red Roof Retreat recognized the growing need for respite among Niagara Region families and developed a mission to provide quality respite services to children and young adults with special needs.

Currently, there are more than 3500 special needs families in the Niagara Region. Red Roof Retreat accommodates up to five children or young adults per weekend for respite; and, there is a waiting list. Learn more about our Weekend Respite Program.

Red Roof Retreat is the only private non-profit respite centre of its kind in Ontario. It is a rural “home away from home” for children, youth and young adults with special needs. Thanks to the Red Roof Retreat, parents and primary caregivers no longer need to feel alone. There is help!