Speech & Language Pathology

Are you looking for speech, language or communication services for yourself or a loved one? Niagara Speech Therapy has teamed up with Red Roof Retreat and are now offering speech, language and communication services out of the new Red Roof Retreat Community Centre on Linwell Rd, in St. Catharines.

Providing services to ALL AGES, speech-language pathologist, Aly Albanese is passionate about making communication accessible to all, and takes pride in implementing new ways to keep therapy FUNCTIONAL, MEANINGFUL and MOTIVATING.

Niagara Speech Therapy can assist you in achieving your speech, language and communication goals in the following ways:

- articulation

- receptive language

- expressive language

- pragmatic language (social communication)

- AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication: graphics, signs, high tech devices/ipads)

- literacy 

Morning, Afternoon and Evening Sessions available throughout the week.

​Check out Niagara Speech Therapy’s website for more information about how they can assist you in reaching all your speech, language and communication goals.

You can also reach Aly Albanese, SLP directly at: