Growing Wellness Workshops


Are you Suicide Alert?

Learn how to look for the signs of someone in distress, and how to open up the conversation.

Workshop Facilitator: Dan Silver 

Family Mental Health Education Group


Are you interested in learning how to meditate, but you can't unwind your mind?

Come out to our Introduction to Meditation workshop and learn how to add this practise to your

every day routine.

Workshop Facilitator: Jennifer McKenzie

March 5th: What it means to be mindful

April 2nd : The truth about anxiety

May 7th: How to cultivate a menditation practise for lasting life enhancement

June 4th: How stress affects the body

TOOLS FOR SELF LOVE - Empowering you to overcome barriers from a place of love

Do you want to start 2020 with a more positive outlook?

Are you looking for ways to accept yourself fully? Gain self-compassion, confidence and self-love?

Workshop Facilitator: Natalie Love

February 11th:What is Self Love?

March 31st: The four pillars of manifesting

April 28th: Learn how to handle your emotions (Emotional Intelligence)

May 26th: What are boundaries? Learn how to have healthy boundaries with family, friends and co-workers

June 30th: What are the seven Chakras and how to balance them.



You will learn to use writing as therapeutic tool to help with depression and anxiety. Darcy will be teaching  how to organise your thoughts, practice mindfulness, write your own guided meditations and create your own safe place! You will turn writing into your best friend.

Workshop Facilitator:Darcy Patrick

March 10th