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for anyone with special needs, no group lessons

**Unfortunately due to the current situation we will not be running Horseback Riding for this summer. If you know of anyone with Instructor Certification, please tell them about us.

For those interested in Horseback riding lessons we welcome you to contact

Red Roof Retreat offers horseback riding for people with special needs of any age, with a weight restriction of 150lbs. The program provides educational and recreational activities: feeding, grooming and tacking the horses, and riding in the corral and on the beautiful outdoor trail. One instructor and 2-3 volunteers are available for riders. Sessions vary depending upon the needs and goals of each individual.

Medical professionals, therapists and teachers have long recognized the benefits of riding. Horses are non-judgmental, trusting and eager to learn and work together with the rider. For people with special needs, the benefits of riding are in the areas of physical, cognitive, communicative, social and emotional well being. Riding can improve balance, posture, core strength, mobility and function. As well, horseback riding promotes communication, sensory awareness, and self esteem.

For many people with special needs riding a horse at Red Roof Retreat is indeed a happy, unique and empowering opportunity.

For more information please contact Steffanie at 289-868-9800 or by email at

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